Structured Sales Course

Duration: 1 Day

Sales Structure course that gives the rules and shows how to control the sales call whether it is face to face or over the telephone. It includes:

Planning – How to get the maximum return from your efforts
Introduction – Getting in techniques and how to sell the call.
Requirements – Questioning techniques, the difference between open and closed questions and when to use them.
Benefits – Features and benefits of your products and services.
Investments – Having spent money developing your company we look at how we get a return for it.
Closing – Asking for the order at the right time and in the right manner.
Evaluation – How was it for you and could we have done better.
Admin – Monitoring results and performance to ensure maximum return.

The course is shaped to suit experienced individuals who have had exposure to sales and could do with a refresher, or people new to sales or with no formal sales training that need to know the rules.

I also use this course to show how to use LinkedIn to get sales moving, how to write a prospecting e-mail, how to overcome objections (especially on price) and anything else they want adding.
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Networking & Presentation Skills

Duration: 1 Day

How important it is for all of us to take responsibility for finding new business and asking –

  • Why should we network?
  • What stops us networking?
  • Why is it essential to network?
  • How successful is networking?
  • Can we afford not to?
  • No time to do it?
  • Attitude?
  • Who is in your networking team?

Look at Networking events – how to work the room and how to follow up leads.
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‘How to Deliver a Winning, Confidant Presentation Every Time’ which includes:

  • First impressions
  • Consider the audience
  • Subject matter
  • How to structure your slides and flip chart
  • How to use the Presentation planning template doc.
  • Tips and do’s and don’ts
  • How to control nerves
  • Inject humour
  • Keep it relevant
  • Body language

The teams then put together a presentation and presented to me and the rest of the group who give constructive feedback. This day is best when we have at least 9 people attend say 3 teams of 3.

Advanced Sales Skills

Duration: 1 Day

This day is to back up what we learned on Day 1 and look at:

  • Positive approach
  • Overcoming Objections especially on price.
  • Behaviours in selling
  • Discover their selling style – compare to your Management style
  • Body  Language
  • Buyer types
  • Are you really asking for the order?
  • Modern Buyer v Modern salesmen
  • How  confident are you?
  • Role plays

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Customer Service

Duration: 1 Day

Customer Service course as follows:

  • Customer Service SOS
  • Listen to your customer
  • How to handle complaints
  • How to gain co-operation from others

Communication Skills:

  • How to gain co-operation from others
  • Mind your Language
  • How to get the best from people
  • Team Building exercise
  • Mirror exercise – Patience and Understanding
  • How to avoid arguments
  • Have I got the right attitude?
  • Am I assertive enough?

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Leadership & Management

Duration: 1 or 2 Days depending on content chosen

Management Skills:

  • Discover your Sales Management Style
  • Compare to each of the selling styles of the team (already captured)
  • The role of the Sales Manager
  • SWOT analysis on each member
  • Look at how each of the team likes to be managed
  • Highlight their areas for development (from information already gathered)
  • Set out a development plan for each of them
  • Set SMART objectives for all (how well do they know their market?)
  • Reset achievable targets and raise the bar
  • Formulate a new bonus scheme and reward package
  • Put a sales management monitoring system in place ( I have samples to look at)
  • Look at effective sales meetings (how do you do it now?)
  • Communicating with your sales team
  • Look at relationship with internal staff
    Leadership skills session – how they see you.

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Successful Management Session:

Management & Leadership skills including:

  • Successful Managers
  • Management exercise
  • How to give feedback
  • How to help people with their problems
  • Delegation
  • How to hold effective meetings
  • Appraisal techniques

How to Motivate your Team:

  • Managers motivating check list.
  • Am I motivating my team?
  • How to motivate more effectively

Key Account Management

Duration: 2 Days

Each delegate to bring a brief overview of a major account they would like to develop and we shall visit and understand the following elements:

  • Your Company profile – understanding strengths and weaknesses and how best to use them
  • Customer profile – what are their business conditions, financial position, turnover, profit and key performance indicators. Outline major avenues of business, products and markets. Any recent acquisitions or mergers?
  • Opportunity Profile – describe the customer’s objectives for project or business application
  • Compelling event – what is driving / will drive the customer to make a change in their current situation? What advantages will they gain, and what are the consequences if they don’t make the change? What time scale do they have in mind and what payback are they expecting?
  • Opportunity Assessment – is there any opportunity? Can we compete? Can we win? Is it worth winning?
  • Decision criteria – list all the issues, identify the influential players and rank issues against players
  • Milestones – identify completed and future steps in the buying process. Evaluate activities and implementation steps
  • Your solution – how will it work and meet their compelling event
  • USPs – how do they fit specifically with this customer?
  • Business Partnerships – who can help you to advance this sales opportunity?
  • Organisation Map – identify your champions and supporters as well as the enemy
  • Competitors – look at their solutions strengths and weaknesses and determine their most likely strategy
  • Relationship strategy – who are the key players and what is their business and personal strategy?
  • Our strengths and weaknesses – analysis on business/organisational/political
  • Goal – desired long term position with the customer
  • Sales objective – describe specific products and services, projected close date and total order amount
  • Competitive strategies – review your strategy
  • Critical Success Factors – what has happened to win this opportunity – identify what the customer, your competitors and you yourself must do
  • Actions required – time bound progress report

Account Strategies – each delegate to develop an action list for ONE major account and present it back to the group.
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