Networking and Presentation Skills

Networking – how important is it for all of us to take responsibility for finding new business?

This one day course looks at two very important skill sets in the business world. Networking and presentation – in the first part of the day we’ll cover the basics of networking:

Why should we network?

What stops us networking?

Why is networking essential?

How successful is networking?

Can we afford not to?

Making time for networking.

Changing attitudes towards networking.

Who is in your networking team?

We will also look at networking events, how to work the room and following up leads.

Presentations – Deliver a winning, confident presentation every time.

In the afternoon, we will look at presentation skills, including:

Planning and preparation:

  • First impressions
  • Consider your audience
  • Subject matter
  • How to structure your slides and flip chart
  • How to use the presentation planning template doc.


  • Do’s and don’ts and tips
  • How to control nerves
  • Inject humour
  • Keeping it relevant
  • Body language

As a team, you’ll put together a presentation and present to the group for constructive feedback.

*This days works better with at least 9 people.

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