Leadership and Management Skills

This leadership and management course can be 1 or 2 days depending on the content you choose.

Leadership and management skills are essential for businesses as they directly influence team performance and organisational success. Effective leadership fosters a positive work environment, motivates employees, and drives productivity. Strong management ensures that resources are efficiently utilised, goals are met, and strategic objectives are achieved. Together, these skills help build a resilient and agile organisation capable of thriving in competitive markets.

You can choose to cover all or some of the modules below:

  • Discovering your management style.
  • Compare to each of the selling styles of the team (which will have been previously captured).
  • The role of the manager.
  • SWOT analysis on each member.
  • Looking at how each of the team likes to be managed.
  • Highlight their areas for development (from previously gathered information).
  • Set out a development plan for each team member.
  • Setting SMART objectives for all, (how well do they know their market?).
  • Re set achievable targets and raise the bar.
  • Formulate a new bonus scheme and reward package.
  • Put a management monitoring system in place.
  • Look at effective meetings, (how do you do it now?).
  • Communication with your team.
  • Look at relationships with other departments and colleagues.
  • Leadership skills session – how your team see you.
  • How to motivate your team.

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