Strategy Planning Day

This course is aimed at those who may not have the resources of Leadership team with whom to discuss and formulate a business plan.

We know that your time is like gold dust, time is valuable to any business. Yet there comes a point where it’s necessary to spend time away from your desk in order to see the bigger picture.

This one day course will have a relaxed feel but remains focused and structured; you’ll leave with a solid, three year flexible business plan, which we all know is a vital part of any business.

Your business plan gives you the foundation to drive your business forward towards further success.

Where to start with Strategy Planning.

After a brief introduction, the course will focus on five specific areas in relation to what you want to achieve:

Introduction – Look at what you want to achieve from the day

The Positive Approach – Get in the zone.

ORBIT – Explained – Build a 3 year plan.

SPP – Single page plan with details of how you achieve your goals.

Empowerment – How to sell the plan to your team.

The Plan – Completed – Nailed on – Ready for action.

The aim is to allow you to spend an entire day on your business and end up with a year by year business plan for the next 3 years, with simple but effective tools to help you stick to it and, most importantly, to make it work.

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