“What return do you get from your sales force?”

– A frequently asked question

You think they are doing well and you hope you are getting a  decent return on your considerable investment. If only you had the time to concentrate on them and understand the areas for development which will unlock the extra sales opportunities that would otherwise pass you by.


  • To understand our clients’ business requirements and expectations.
  • Assess existing sales force to gauge their return for the Company and identify areas that require development.
  • Conduct Field Sales appraisal, giving both the sales personnel skill sets and views and the clients’ opinion of your company and its services.
  • Provide written report on Field Sales visits, with all findings and recommendations. Future training needs, individually or in a group/classroom format, are established and conducted at your pace.
  • Discover your market position in comparison to your competitors.
  • Assess existing customer base and how it is managed, and establish if your sales force is making the best use of its time.
  • The confidence of knowing that your sales team fully understands the company’s main objectives.


  • Delivers an unbiased view on the likely return from your sales force, to help build future strategies.
  • You find out what your sales team and your customers really think of you, and their ideas for future development
  • Motivates sales force when you invest in their future, by appointing someone to concentrate on their personal development.
  • Quickly assesses your sales team to help you act now.
  • Cost effective way to establish your next move, e.g. sales team of four assessed, motivated, with areas for development highlighted, with a view from a dozen or more of your customers, while you get on with other major issues.
  • Tax relief of between 19% and 40% making the overall cost more attractive.
  • Higher return in sales and gross profit from your sales team.
  • Improved customer care with a more professional company image.
  • You can save or earn more money by identifying your sales team’s current performance, knowing where you want them to be and how long it will take to get the maximum return from them.

“Open the door of your costly armoury”

Before you can offer solutions from your vast armoury of products and services, you must firstly understand your customer intimately and build a relationship of mutual trust and appreciation. You can then open the door of your costly armoury and enjoy the returns on your investment.

Sales Questionnaire

Find out by requesting either of these forms to establish areas for development.